For years customer service and convenience have been a point of emphasis for Hudson Valley Property Inspections. However, due to the Pandemic and overall commitment to the Health of our Buyers, Sellers, Agents and our families, some immediate changes need to occur in order to continue home inspections.

Effective April 1st, 2020 Inspection protocol will be adjusted to the following:

Effective July 7th, 2020 (phase 4) Our inspection protocol will allow social distancing and proper PPE to apply.

  • The property should be vacant at the time of the inspection.
  • Onsite face to face review/walk thru portion of the inspection will be suspended (without proper social distancing and proper PPE) – the inspector can go to the vacant property, do a thorough inspection, create a report with additional identifying photos.
  • There will be no person to person contact (without proper social distancing and proper PPE) during this process from start to finish.
  • The Inspector will follow appropriate precautions using proper PPE while on site, based on available current safety information.
  • After payment has been processed, the report has been received and reviewed by the Buyer and/or relevant parties, a phone review may be scheduled with the Inspector.

This protocol will remain in effect until further notice based on the progression of information provided by the qualified health professionals overseeing this pandemic.

I reserved the right to cancel or refuse the inspection or assessment at any time. (Please contact us for other arrangements , if necessary)

Thank you and Stay Safe

Kevin Michaels, Inspector/Assessor

Hudson Valley Property Inspections

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