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October, 2022
Positive: Professionalism, Responsiveness

Hired Kevin purely based on reviews, and he lived up to the reputation. He insisted we come to the inspection with him, and walked us through everything in detail. Appreciated his honesty and sense of humor.
This is the 4th property we’ve purchased and he was by far the best inspector we’ve ever worked with. Couldn’t have better things to say. – Kris Rey-Talley

November, 2022

Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

We found a 2nd home while on vacation, dialed up Hudson Valley for a quick turnaround and within days we were meeting at the home for a full inspection. Kevin was personable, knowledgeable, and down-to-Earth! We couldn’t have asked for a better, more honest inspection. – Jeremy DeFilippis

December, 2021
Positive: Professionalism, Punctuality, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

My partner and I are in the process of buying out first home, and we are very happy with the inspection conducted by Kevin. He was great at communicating from the beginning and was accommodating when we had to reschedule. We were pretty nervous about the inspection, but Kevin was extremely thorough and answered all of our questions (thoughtful and genuine responses!). He’s very knowledgeable and offered many solutions that put our minds at ease. We also got our detailed inspection report just one day after the inspection. He exceeded our expectations, and we highly recommend him to anyone – especially to people like us who are first time home owners.Julia Miyake

May, 2020

I am happy to write about my home inspection experience with Kevin. I was impressed, pleased, and completely satisfied that I had hired the best. It was the best possible move I could have made. Here is why:

Kevin is professional, talented and comfortable in his work, and is intellectually razor sharp: he understands the buyer’s concerns, and answers all questions clearly and completely. He is a decades-long certified professional home inspector whose qualifications and skills are extremely impressive. I found that with Kevin, I got the complete package: he knows all the standard ropes of his profession, and is also completely up to date in his knowledge and use of modern technology. His ability to tap into all these areas of his knowledge and into all these skills and abilities translated for me into a complete and thorough view of the house, the role of the inspection, and the options which might be involved in the upcoming steps of buying the house.

Kevin has multiple contact options (phone, email, text, an express contact link on his company’s website), and he is very dependable in his availability. Despite the fact that he is very busy—the sign of a successful professional!—he always gets back to and responds to any message, call, text, or email quickly and responsibly. In my work, I pride myself in arriving early and leaving late. I earn every penny I am paid, and then some. So when I showed up –predictably early!—for my own house inspection, I was surprised to see that Kevin had not only beaten me there, but had already taken a full set of photos, had done a preliminary canvassing of the house, and had spent time getting completely familiar with the property. Keeping in mind that this was all before he was technically “on the clock,” he showed me how seriously he takes his job and how much he gives to his clients. My first thought was, “I like this guy.”
Even after all that, he conducted a full inspection in my presence throughout the house, and stayed at the site longer than the estimated time in order to do an absolutely complete job, cutting no corners. I found this dependability to be consistent throughout the inspection process, which, of course, includes the preparation of and the availability of the all-important report. Though I never thought it would actually be so, the finished report was indeed done and available to me within 24 hours—just as promised on the website! And it was a beautifully thorough, complete job, with photos, descriptions, and all the required details explained. What was equally important was that he encouraged me to call, email, or text him with any questions even after the job and report were complete. I did so, and, once again, Kevin promptly answered all my questions, never brushed me off, and was always willing to talk or otherwise communicate for as long as I needed. In fact, two full months after the inspection report was done, he again prepared an additional property-related document for me on short-notice request—and again, within 24-hours of the request, that report was in my hands. He did so without charging me a cent for that service. Clearly, Kevin goes the extra mile and gives his clients 110% in all he does.

Personality and behavior matter! Kevin is consistently kind, pleasant, and courteous.He is consistently polite, not only able but happily willing to break down complicated technical aspects of a home’s construction and condition to the neophyte, and will make you feel instantly comfortable in his company by use of his gentlemanly manner and his jovial sense of humor.He is a special man and a very fine human being.

For the reasons I have detailed above, Kevin IS really the best. I left the inspection knowing more than I had ever thought possible about the house—and all of it was important—but I had no idea that I would actually enjoy the entire process so very much! It is because of the man himself. Please do yourself a favor—do not go anywhere else. Kevin is THE man for home inspection! – Terry Haynes, Hensonville, NY

December, 2020
Positive: Professionalism, Punctuality, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

We are looking for a home and have worked with other home inspectors in Hudson Vally. After working with Kevin however, we would never use anyone else. Kevin and his company are incredibly knowledgeable, professional, and reliable. It also helps that he is a mold expert on top of having many years of experience in general home inspections. The whole process was also so much easier with Kevin as appointments and the reports are all online. The report was extremely thorough and detailed, with many pictures. I felt Kevin was very trustworthy and a true expert. Thank you Kevin! – Catherin Lim, Woodstock, NY

November, 2020
Kevin was everything I could hope for in a home inspector. He was very thorough, and my report was detailed. He identified a problem with the well water, and was dedicated enough to go out and collect additional samples on a holiday weekend. He communicated promptly and efficiently. I am so glad my realtor recommended him. Now I can recommend him too. – Kathy Corby, Saugerties, NY

August, 2018

I’ve used Kevin for two home inspections recently. He was on-time, efficient and thorough. He has an easy going personality, but really knows what he’s doing and doesn’t lose concentration with idle chit chat. His reports are delivered very quickly (within 24 hours) and are easily accessible on his website. The format is easy to read and understand, and includes many photos that help home buyers and sellers in the negotiation process. I will definitely be calling him again, and recommend him highly. – Lisa Halter, Caldwell Banker, Village Green, Woodstock

Sept. 2017

Kevin is a consummate professional. He was very patient and explained all of the issues he saw with the house, and let us know if he recommended a 2nd look by someone with specific expertise. We had those (independently sourced) people come in and take a look, and they mostly echoed what Kevin had said originally. Great experience for our first home inspection (as buyers). – Brent Felker, Kingston

Sept. 2016

Very, very pleased. My husband and I are buying our first home, so everything is new to us. Our real estate agent highly recommended Kevin Michaels. We were very happy with Mr. Michaels, he was professional, down to earth, friendly and very very diligent. The fact that he took his time, and looked everything over very carefully was a great. He enlightened to things we didn’t even think about, which is awesome to have now in our knowledge bank. Thank you Mr. Michaels, really appreciate you doing such a great job. – Lori Lux, New Paltz

July 2015

We are buying a property and really wanted the peace of mind of an independent inspection. I was very familiar with the property, but Kevin came in with a fresh set of eyes. He pointed out the obvious stuff, but also alerted me to things I hadn’t thought of. The report is a professional document that thoroughly summarizes the property, complete with photos and links to additional information. I plan to use the report to keep me organized as I plan out the repairs and upgrades. Kevin was early, did a very complete inspection and always professional. I would gladly use him again and highly recommend him to others. – Kendall Stanley Sr., Saugerties

June 2014

Kevin completed a very thorough inspection of a property we were interested in purchasing. He was very accommodating and took a lot of time to explain the breakdown of the inspection. My husband and I both left the inspection feeling better than ever about the home we decided to purchase! I can’t thank Kevin enough and I encourage you to secure him for your home inspection-there is no one better! Thanks Kevin! – Simmone Pone, Saugerties

April 2014

Great job! You informed my clients in a practical way without overwhelming or frightening them. You were thorough and your report was clear and easy to read. The summary page was perfect for the overview and highlights. As a Broker, it was a great document to use in the negotiations. Thank you!
Joyce Beymer, Principal Broker
Joyce Beymer Real Estate, Woodstock & Rhinebeck, NY.

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