Housing Market In Hudson Valley Recovers After Sandy


The weeks following Hurricane Sandy have been tough for many people, but others have rebounded and gotten back to their normal daily routines.  Yesterday, the Westchester and Rockland Newsday wrote an article highlighting some of the revival efforts and noted the housing market has not been completely affected by the super storm that hit at the beginning of the month.


“Richard Haggerty, CEO of the Hudson Gateway Association of Realtors, a White Plains-based trade association, said the storm stalled transactions for two or three weeks but probably did not affect regional sales statistics in the fourth quarter.


“I’m anticipating it to be a really good quarter,” he said, despite the dislocations caused by Sandy. “Everybody was pretty much put on hold to do cleanup.” The article also added, “But now, “It seems back to normal,” said Michael LaMorte, a real estate agent with Judy Johnson Real Estate in Somers.”


There was significant damage to many properties like trees falling on houses, flooding, and electrical issues.  In the event you did have some damage to your home, consult a property inspector to look into the damage and help you make proper analysis and decisions when you go to have repairs done. Though most areas of the Hudson Valley have rebounded, waterfront neighborhoods that were flooded by Sandy’s tidal surge on the Hudson River and Sound Shore remain in limbo.


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