Building Steps And Stairs


A lot of people want to rebuild steps on their front porch, entry way or deck.  Redoing the stairs in your home is another popular way to renovate the home and add some value to the property.  Building stairs and steps can be tricky.  Each city and area has their own code and regulation to follow.


As one author in the Chicago Tribune pointed out, “Many people are injured each year in accidents on steps, so building code officials have invested lots of time to create standards that produce safe steps. I urge you to check with your local building department to see what the current code requirements are for steps.”


Municipalities can also change the requirements frequently.  What might be code one month may change the next.  Doing the research just prior to building will help you meet the requirements and not run into any trouble.    There’s a lot to think of too. It’s not just height of the actual step. “Make sure you have a full grasp of all the other requirements concerning stairs. You have to be aware of headroom, the minimum finished width of steps and the handrail requirements.”


If you’re not sure how to start, where to start or are worried about what you’re doing, give me a call.  Home Inspection is my business.  I work every day to make home sure home are safe and meeting the requirements implemented by our government.

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