Not All Home Inspections Are Equal

A home inspection is a crucial component of making a smart home-buying decision. According to Kevin Michaels, Owner/Inspector for Hudson Valley Property Inspections in Saugerties, NY, not all home inspections are equal. Michaels, who has experience in home inspections, real estate sales and marketing, believes Hudson Valley property Inspections are one of the most detailed in the industry.


Hudson Valley Property Inspections takes measures many other companies do not in order to ensure clientele understanding and satisfaction. “We prefer to have the client present [at the inspection] if possible, which is the difference between a lot of competitors who prefer not to have that distraction,” says Michaels.  I find that having the client present allows them to answer any questions and concerns directly, while still on-site. A typical home inspection lasts around three hours, and can cover as many as 1,600 items, including windows, doors, ceilings, basements, attics, roofs and more—so clients are bound to have questions that are easily answered with the inspector still present.


While many home inspection companies offer only handwritten notes at the end of the inspection process, we generate a report complete with pictures within 24 hrs. and deliver it electronically to our clients. This window gives us time to make sure that nothing is missed and questionable items are thoroughly investigated. The report can be accessed from any computer and only by persons given permission by the client.


“We take the time at the end of the inspection to go over issues of concern ,” says Michaels, “so now they are educated about the house, and if they have more questions, you can go and show them right then and there.”


According to Michaels, after a home inspection by Hudson Valley Property Inspections, clients will be able to make a more informed buying decision. They will have a better feel for the property and know exactly what they are taking on, allowing them to budget for future expenses and benefit from maintenance suggestions. “The home inspections can definitely improve buyer confidence,” Michaels confirms.


At the same time, the inspections can benefit the seller. “Presale inspections are a growing trend,” says Michaels, who continues to note that more and more sellers are getting inspections so that they are aware of any issues and can either price the home accordingly or take care of the issues before putting the house on the market.

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