Common Home Inspection Mistakes

You’ve decided to get the home inspection done.  The inspector came over did a full report, evaluated the home, and gave you all the proper information and suggestions you need.  Now what?  Far too often homeowners make the same common mistakes when getting a home inspection done.  Here are a couple of the same ones we see over and over.

  1. Get Everything Inspected

People think because they bought a new house or had an addition, remodeling or new work done on their home they don’t have to get in inspected.  Sometimes builders and contractors make mistakes or overlook things.  It happens.  The home may have passed code, but the inspector is the last chance to catch something before it becomes too late.

  1. Choose the Inspector

As previously written on this blog, choosing the right inspector is crucial.  Choosing the wrong inspector because he or she was recommended, or cost effective, doesn’t mean you’re getting the best results possible.  This is a huge investment.  Make sure you give it the full attention it deserves.

  1. Be There for the Inspection

Of course you should be there.  Communication and completely understanding what is being looked at is crucial.  A report gives you the information, but being there in person gives you context and the ability to ask questions, listen and understand what the inspector is talking about.

  1. Heightened Expectations

An inspector is there to do the job at the present.  Experienced professionals can see things that will happen down the line, but not always.  Some things look great now, but in time may change.  Their opinions and suggestions reflect an objective view at the point in time.  If you hire an inspector with the expectations of knowing what could go wrong in 10 years, you may be disappointed.

  1. Ignoring the Report

Too many people get an inspection and once the professional walks out the door, it’s over for the owner.  If an inspector makes a suggestion, follow up on it.  It could be the difference in saving time, money and effort.  Ignoring something will only make it worse.  It can also be the difference in closing costs or deciding on whether to purchase a home or not.


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